All-inclusive Service by WEM

It is your decision!

Therefore, our technical staff and our regional partners will give you tailored advice for
your project no matter whether new construction, refurbishment or retrofitting is concerned.
We will be pleased to take care of your project irrespective of the type and size of the building
in question. Only when you are well informed you will be sure to take the right decision.

And we have the experience and the knowledge.

Our experience in the development and manufacturing of radiant heating systems and clay
materials goes back to the last millennium. We have installed our heating systems in the
most diverse types of building and if we have to face a new challenge after all these years,
it will be a pleasure for us.
The idea of a new, healthy and comfortable style of living is as important to us as it is to
you. For this reason, we wholeheartedly support environmentally sound construction.
Our radiant heating systems are manufactured in Germany.

We are well connected!

Our trained partner companies and our in-house staff will give you and your craftsmen in
charge competent advice. You need instructions on site or help for the installation?
Do not hesitate to contact and challenge us.

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