Heating (mode of action/benefits)

Benefits of WEM Wall Heating Systems

Wall heating systems distribute heat uniformly by radiation.
Like the rays of the sun, radiant heat is perceived as particularly
comfortable by the human body. Vortex effects are prevented to the
greatest extent and the natural humidity content of the indoor air is preserved.

In contrast to this, conventional radiators heat the air by convection.
The air circulates and moves air-borne particles such as dust and mites
around the room. The rising heat warms your head and leaves your feet cold.

Whether the indoor temperature is perceived as comfortable depends on
both, the temperature of the air and the temperature of the wall surfaces.
The use of wall heating systems means that air temperature can be reduced
without a negative impact on comfort levels. Lowering the air temperature
by 3 °C reduces heating costs by about 18 %

Where will the wall heating be installed?

WEM Wall Heating Systems are preferably installed on the inner surface of exterior walls to prevent
heat loss of the human body by radiation to these potentially cold surfaces. The location of the WEM
Wall Heating panels on the wall surfaces shall provide for comfort zones, i.e. they are fitted in dining
recesses, areas with seat groups, near desks or in relax areas. The required size of the heating surface
depends on the insulation of the respective building and amounts to rates between 25 % and 50 % of
the floor space under normal conditions.


Can I hang pictures to the heated walls?

You can easily locate the pipes with a thermally sensitive film.
This ensures that nails and plugs are fitted between the pipes.