Hydraulic installation

The heating and/or cooling panels are connected to a heating manifold, which assumes multiple functions:

  • Distribution of the hot water from the heat source to the individual spaces or heating circuits.
  • Hydraulic balancing: Each room/heating circuit needs a specific water quantity to achieve the calculated heating output. You can either have the volume flows calculated by the architect or contact us to perform this service. On the manifold, a flow controller (1) is fitted for each heating circuit providing for the indication and adjustment of the volume flow.
  • Commissioning: After the installation, the wall heating system must be flushed and filled with water.
  • Fill-and-drain valves (2) are installed on the supply and return bars of the manifold for this purpose. The flushing process removes any dirt and contamination from the system.
  • Venting: The manifold is fitted with an automatic vent valve (3) on each bar, which separates air bubbles from the heating water.
  • Automatic control system: Each heating circuit connection is fitted with a valve that is opened and closed by a motorized actuator. The actuator receives the control signal from the room thermostat.

          Commissioning information (PDF)