WEM Underfloor Heating for dry installation

To provide for the multitude of construction projects and customer demands, we offer an
underfloor heating system that combines perfectly with our wall and ceiling systems.

The WEM Underfloor Heating for dry installation comprises 40-mm-thick wood-fibre boards that
accommodate the WEM multi-ply composite pipes with a diameter of 16 mm. The system is
particularly suitable for wooden planks and tile laying. Other flooring materials can also be used, however.
When installing the underfloor heating underneath tiles, parquet, laminate or other flooring, a load-distribution layer is required.

For any construction project involving underfloor heating, we offer the calculation and dimensioning as a service, like we do for wall and ceiling panel heating and cooling systems.
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          WEM Underfloor Heating - Technical Product Information (PDF)

          WEM Underfloor Heating - Installation Instructions (PDF)

          WEM Underfloor Heating - Flyer (PDF)