The system can be installed easily and quickly in dry-wall technique

The central component of the dry-wall system is the WEM Climate Panel, a 25-mm-thick clay panel with integrated heating pipes. WEM Climate Panels allow you to create wall and ceiling structures that provide for heating and cooling. The installation is quick and easy: WEM Climate Panels can be screwed to even sub bases such as solid timber walls, timber shuttering, composite boards or frame structures.

The remaining wall areas are faced with WEM Clay Wall Panels, which do not contain any pipes. After all panels are installed, the surface is completely smoothened with WEM Clay Finishing Plaster and reinforced with glass-fibre fabric. Finally, the wall surface is finished with a coloured paint or a coloured decor plaster, for instance.

WEM Climate Panels provide for quick and easy installation of a wall heating in dry-wall technique. In comparison to systems that need a plaster coating, relatively few water is brought into the structure.
There is no long drying time to observe.

WEM Climate Panel flyer (PDF)

Product Information: WEM Climate Panels (PDF)

In addition to water-based systems, we also offer electrical panel heating (also referred to as infrared heating). The electrical Climate Panels can be used as an exclusive source of heating or to support the existing heating system. As they do not contain an aqueous heating medium (no risk of freezing), they are particularly suitable for temporarily
occupied rooms such as event rooms or holiday cottages.

Product Information: Electrical Climate Panels (PDF)