Plastering of the wall heating with clay or lime

After the Climate Grids or Climate Pipes have been completely installed, connected and pressure tested, plaster is applied in two layers. Subsequently, the surface is finished with diffusion-permeable wall paint or ready-mixed coloured plaster on a clay or lime basis.

The total plaster coat to embed the wall heating components is approximately 35 millimetres thick.

Our lime and clay plasters are permeable to vapour diffusion and capillary active. Therefore, the
absorption and transfer of humidity does not harm them in any way. Their susceptibility to mould formation and moisture damages is considerably reduced. Both plasters are natural products and free from emissions. Therefore, they are a perfect solution when occupants suffer from allergies. You can create very lively and aesthetic surfaces with these plasters.

        Lime plaster

        Clay plaster

If you are unsure which plaster to choose, please do not hesitate to contact us.