Lime plaster

Our high-quality lime plasters are exclusively lime-bound. This means that they do not contain any synthetic bonding agents, cement, gypsum or preservatives. Due to their high alkalinity, they are highly resistant to mould. They are used to coat our wall heating systems and are suitable for all living spaces and bathrooms. Thanks to their high resistance to abrasion, they can be used in spaces where higher occupancy requirements apply (such as in kindergartens or sports sites). They are also suitable for spaces with higher moisture loads such as cellar rooms or spaces in historical sandstone or rubblestone buildings, where no horizontal damp proofing is installed.

           WEM Natural Lime Universal Plaster (PDF)

           WEM Natural Lime Fine-Finish Plaster (PDF)

In addition to the lime plasters that we offer especially for the coating of our wall heating, also
special series of plasters for restoration and refurbishment are available.

           Lime bonding plaster (PDF)

           Lime insulating plaster (PDF)