WEM Clay Plaster

Healthy building material with superior properties: Clay is one of the oldest building materials in the world and has found its way into modern, ecological building for several decades. Many builders, architects and craftsmen appreciate clay plaster as a reliable and healthy building material. Clay has many very good properties: it regulates indoor air humidity better than other materials, it is regionally available, natural and easy to work with because it is kind to the skin and dries instead of setting.

Clay Plaster for all walls and ceilings

Clay plaster and the WEM systems - a perfect combination!  As a heavy material, clay is not only a good sound insulator, but also stores heat. As a result, clay walls can store energy in winter in combination with wall heating or through the low sun. The warmth is then released back into the room. In summer, cold water can be conducted through the pipes. Thereby, the solid, cooled clay walls gently regulate the temperature in the rooms without draughts or noise.

The WEM Clay system includes Clay Panels, clay universal plaster, clay fine plaster, reinforcement fabric, fine and granular primer as well as Clay paint.

WEM Clay product range

WEM has specialised in the production of a range of clay products. Their development incorporates the experience gained from more than 6,000 building projects, many collaborations and countless tests, trials and measurements. In addition to the WEM Climate panels (with integrated heating pipes) for walls and ceilings, there are clay panels as levelling and finishing boards for all areas of application. The WEM clay plasters are DIN-tested, can be processed very well and are perfectly adapted for use with wall heating. Of course, they are just as suitable for all surfaces without heating. The well-covering, ecological WEM clay paint in 9 harmonious shades is suitable for finishing the finished surfaces.

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Clay Plaster and the indoor climate

Clay plaster regulates air humidity.  Clay plasters in larger application thicknesses have a decisive influence on the indoor room climate. They are highly diffusible. This means that they can absorb a lot of moisture from the air and release it again when the room air is dry. This ability sets clay apart from all other (conventional) plaster materials. In the league of natural building materials used in ecological house building, clay plays right at the top. So if you want to build ecologically and live healthily, you are on the safe side with WEM clay plaster, clay panels and clay paint.


Our services for Clay plaster

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We work with a network of regional dealers and craftsmen who have many years of experience with our products and have received intensive training in our company.

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Our partners and ourselves will be happy to advise you on all questions regarding Clay Plaster on all walls and ceilings, in combination with wall and ceiling heating and on the design of the finished surfaces.


We will provide you with a calculation of the quantities you will need and a quotation. Furthermore, we can recommend a company offering the service you are looking for.

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Of course, we are also happy to provide advice by telephone and can provide you with a service technician for instruction at the construction site.

Planning support

We support you in the selection of the suitable system, in the calculation and in the provision of the data for the hydraulic balancing. We can offer a heating load calculation according to DIN EN 12831.


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We work with a network of regional dealers and craftsmen who have many years of experience in the industry and have been intensively trained in our company. If you are looking for sources of supply or local installation companies, we will be happy to help you.

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We will be answering your questions on clay plasterr on all surfaces and for wall/ceiling heating. We also advise you on your questions on wall constructions, if needed.

Planning support

We also support you in the selection of the suitable system, in the calculation and preparation of the tender and can offer a heating load calculation according to DIN EN 12831.

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Installation examples for Clay plaster

Experience clay plaster live

At the Gud Jard holiday resort on Pellworm, WEM clay plasters and - to accentuate individual walls - WEM clay paints were applied to the wall heating surfaces.

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Installation in new building

Clay plastered walls in a new building, with prepared substructure for the installation of WEM climate panels on the ceiling (heating and cooling).

More examples with clay plaster...

Example monument

Clay plaster is the ideal plaster for half-timbered houses, here in an award-winning monument. Half-timbering has been combined with clay for centuries.

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The WEM clay plaster system

WEM Clay Universal Plaster

The WEM clay universal plaster is an all-rounder - it can be applied in one operation in a thickness of 5 - 23 mm. It is therefore equally suitable for plastering our climate registers and the climate pipe system as well as for interior plastering without wall heating.

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WEM Clay Fine Finish Plaster

The WEM clay fine finish plaster is used to design fine surfaces. It is applied as the last layer on top of the clay universal plaster or used to plaster the climate panels and clay panels.

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Painted surface

The solvent-free, odourless WEM clay paint matches perfectly to the WEM clay plasters and provides high coverage. The surface remains open to diffusion and retains the properties of the clay.

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Technical information

In this section you will find all data sheets with technical details and the installation instructions.
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Trade & Craft in your vicinity

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WEM FarbTon clay paint

Clay paint is a very popular, easy-to-use wall and ceiling paint.  WEM FarbTon clay paint is a water-soluble, ecological paint without preservatives and solvents. It dries quickly and is odourless. With its high opacity, WEM clay paint is ideally suited for clay plaster, lime plaster and other mineral substrates. The ingredients are coloured clays and loams in addition to fine marble flours and cellulose. With its good ecological properties, clay paint is an excellent match for the products and techniques used in sustainable building with natural building materials.

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Clay and wood

Clay and wood complement each other perfectly as building materials.  Mankind has always built with wood and clay. The long durability of buildings (e.g. hundreds of years old half-timbered houses in Germany) is also based on this combination. Today, clay plaster, wall and ceiling heating made of clay are also readily and successfully used in wooden houses. In many eco-houses, they ensure a comfortable, healthy indoor climate and the well-being of all occupants.


And this is what our customers say:

"... which we then plastered with clay universal plaster.
This worked excellently with a plastering machine, although of course the unpleasant corners had to be plastered by hand. We were really thrilled with the final clay fine plaster: it has a beautiful and even structure..."
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"We bought an old building and decided on WEM wall heating in combination with lime and clay plasters. We had heard that the radiant heat was particularly pleasant, but we couldn't quite imagine it beforehand. It helped us that WEM informed us in advance..."
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