WEM Wallheating

Experience the world of WEM heating and cooling systems for walls, ceilings and floors!

Wall Heating

The heat radiation of the WEM wall heating is perceived by the human body as particularly comfortable and pleasant. This infrared heating system, which is invisibly integrated into the wall, radiates gentle warmth. There are no radiators that interfere with the aesthetics of your living spaces.

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Underfloor Heating

WEM Underfloor Heating is an ecological  system that can be installed in dry construction. It provides pleasant radiant heat, good sound insulation and a sensation of resilience when walking on the flooring above it. It perfectly combines with wooden floors and can easily and quickly be installed in old and new buildings.    

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Ceiling Heating

The clay ceiling heating made by WEM provides a safe alternative to conventional systems in terms of building physics and indoor climate. For higher rooms, ceiling heating with a high radiation share of 90 % is a beneficial heating option.

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WEM Wall and Ceiling Radiation systems can be used for cooling in a gentle and comfortable way in summer. For this purpose, cold water is fed through the pipes instead of warm water, and the slightly cooled surfaces act like an air-conditioning system but without the draught and noise typically generated by conventional air-conditioners.

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Clay Plaster

WEM Clay Plasters for interior use are ecological compounds of natural materials that provide high moisture storage capacity and thermal mass. The raw loam is transformed into a high-quality building material with low use of energy and without chemical conversion processes.

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In this section, you will find our various services, planning support, prices, technical information, contact persons at WEM or in your vicinity, and much more!

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And this is what our customers say:

"As an architect, I had high expectations when designing my own house. Right from the start, it went without saying that a wall heating system would be installed, because there is nothing better for a good indoor climate and pleasant warmth ..."
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“We decided in favour of WEM Climate Panels for our 'Hotel Post' project because of four plus points: + The material clay fascinated us as the designers just as much as our clients. The property of clay that it buffers both temperature and humidity ... "
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Experience Surface Heating Live

If you would like to see where WEM systems have already been installed, you will find a list of publicly accessible references on this page. Among them are hotels, restaurants, holiday flats or wineries, so you can definitely visit one of them.

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Installation Examples

How does radiant panel heating/cooling fit into your property? We will show you some examples to give you an idea of the available options. If you cannot find and example that complies with your structural situation - please contact us, we will make concrete suggestions.

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You will receive initial advice and a calculation directly from us. Once we know the nature and scope of your requirements, we will be happy to recommend a suitable craftsman or dealer who will provide you with individual support and from whom you can purchase our products.

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