Multi-storey wooden house with 20 residential units and communal spaces in Barcelona


"La Balma" in Barcelona/Spain is a project of the housing cooperative Sostre Cívic. The multi-storey wooden building contains 20 residential units and several communal spaces such as a library. It is located in the Poblenou district of Barcelona and was planned and realised by a cooperative group of 33 people from different generations and family forms. The focus was not only on communal decision-making and co-determination processes, but also on ecological construction aspects. 


Due to the initiative and professional guidance of our partner in Spain, the company CLICONS in Barcelona, the decision was made to use the WEM climate panel drywall system for heating and cooling for the entire building. The system had aroused great interest in the group, as it combines the natural resource of clay with the skill of craftsmanship and the advanced technology of prefabricated panels for heating and cooling. 

Careful design of the heating circuits meant that the heating requirements in the small areas around the balconies on both façades could be met in full. They not only provide heat in winter, but also mass for thermal inertia and coolness in summer!

A few months later, the members of the cooperative can take possession of their housing units. Some users have chosen to leave their walls in clay, others have given them a light colour with clay paint. The Clicons company continues to accompany the project to explain the technical details and to be pleased with the positive feedback from the residents! 

The flats are reduced in their surface area (5-10%) in order to share necessary spaces such as laundry rooms, study rooms, guest rooms or storage rooms, so that collective living does not cause additional costs, but on the contrary means a saving and a gain in surface area and quality of life.


Planning and excution:
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