Hydraulic Installation

The heating or cooling surfaces are connected via a heating circuit manifold, the manifold assumes several functions:

  • Distribution of the hot water from the heat generation to the individual rooms/heating circuits.
  • Hydraulic balancing: Each room/heating circuit needs a specific volume of water to transmit the calculated heating output. The calculation of these volume flows can be done by the planner or by us. At the manifold there is a flow regulator for each heating circuit at which the volume flow can be read and adjusted.
  • Commissioning: After installation of the wall heating, it must be flushed and filled with water. The filling and draining taps in the flow and return bars of the manifold are used for this purpose. Flushing removes any dirt particles that may be present in the system.
  • Venting: The manifold has an automatic air bleeder in each bar that removes air bubbles from the system.
  • Regulation: In each heating circuit outlet there is a valve that is opened or closed via a motorized actuator. The actuator receives the signal from the room thermostat.

>> Connection and Commissioning (PDF)

Retrofitting / Combining wall heating with radiators

Surface heating systems are usually operated with lower water temperatures than radiators. If both systems are combined within a building, the control station is used. This is mounted in front of the heating circuit manifold for the surface heating and mixes down the water temperature.


If individual radiators are replaced by wall heating, the water temperature is lowered and the room temperature is controlled by an Unibox. Since this installation interferes with the existing pipe network, hydraulic knowledge is required to adjust the system.


Room thermostats

Each room receives a room thermostat allowing to control the room temperature individually.


We offer three different models:

Aufputz Thermostat

  • kostengünstig
  • einfach zu montieren (Aufputz)

Unterputz Thermostat mit Digitalanzeige

  • mit beleuchtetem Display
  • zum Einbau in eine Unterputz-Dose

Programmierbares Unterputz Thermostat mit Digitalanzeige

  • voreingestellte und frei programmierbare Tages- und Wochenprogramme,
    einfache Bedienung
  • mit beleuchtetem Display zum Einbau in eine Unterputz-Dose