WEM Climate Panel for dry construction

Quick and easy to mount

The core of the dry construction system is the WEM Climate Panel, a 25 mm thick clay panel with integrated heating pipes. WEM Climate Panels are used to create wall and ceiling constructions that can be used for heating and cooling.

Installation is simple: The Climate Panels are screwed onto flat substrates such as solid wooden walls, wooden boarding and panel materials or onto stud constructions.
The surfaces not covered with wall heating panels are levelled with WEM clay panels that do not contain pipes. Then the surface is completely levelled with the WEM clay plasters and reinforced with glass fibre fabric in the process. The finished surface can be painted with WEM clay paint, for example.

With the WEM Climate Panel, wall heating can be installed quickly and easily in dry construction. Compared to systems that are plastered, very little water is introduced into the building structure. There are no long drying times.


Electric Climate Panels

In addition to the water-bearing systems, there are electrically operated heating panels (also known as infrared heating). Electric Climate Panels are used to support the existing heating system or as a stand-alone heating system. Since they do not contain water as a heating medium (no danger of frost), they are particularly suitable for use in rooms or buildings that are used temporarily, such as holiday homes or function rooms.