Underfloor heating in dry construction

Video WEM underfloor heating in dry construction

Good reasons for WEM underfloor heating in a video: The flat, lightweight system can be quickly installed in old and new buildings, provides excellent sound insulation, is ecological and ensures cosy, comfortable warmth.

WEM underfloor heating in dry construction

To cover the diversity of building projects and customer requirements, we offer an underfloor heating system that can be perfectly combined with our wall and ceiling systems.

The WEM dry construction system for flooring consists of a 40 mm thick wood fibre insulation board. Into this board, thermally conductive plates and the WEM 16 mm multilayer composite pipe are inserted. The system is particularly suitable for laying wooden floorboards and for laying tiles, although other coverings are also possible. For use under tiles, parquet, laminate or other coverings, a load distribution layer is required. As with our wall and ceiling heating and cooling systems, we take care of the calculation and design for all building projects. Please contact us!

Impact sound reduction of 13 dB (excellent value!)