Underfloor Heating in dry construction

Comfort with the WEM Underfloor Heating - the floor heating system in dry construction. Suitable for every building, no matter whether refurbishment, new construction or renovation is concerned. What are the features you benefit from with a WEM Underfloor Heating?

  • Versatile: Ideal for wooden floors in refurbishment, new construction, and renovation.
  • Good impact sound insulation, improved spatial sound and a feeling of resilience when walking on.
  • Quick and easy: The installation of the panels and pipes is easy and time-saving.
  • No building moisture: Long drying times are eliminated and no additional moisture is introduced into the building.
  • Light-weight and flat: Due to its low weight and low installation height, the system is suitable for new construction and refurbishment of old buildings.



We precisely calculate the price of your WEM Underfloor Heating system in advance -  many factors such as insulation, the structure of walls, ceilings and floors or the expected occupancy play a role in this respect. To make sure that you know exactly what you need to heat your spaces and what it will cost, we will prepare a precise calculation in each case, taking into account the heat demand of your home.

Since our systems include all the necessary components, we can state exactly what the costs will be. And you can be sure that all parts will fit together and combine to a perfectly functioning system. >> Click to ask for your individual cost calculation!


Thanks to a quick and easy assembly not only craftsmen but also talented do-it-yourselfers will be able to install the system. In the >> video you can see in fast forward mode the laying of the softwood fibre boards, which accommodate the heat dissipation lamellas and finally the heating pipe. The underfloor heating can be installed quickly and easily in old and new buildings.

>> More information about the underfloor heating product
>> More information about the installation of the underfloor heating

Structure of the underfloor heating

With its low installation height of 40 mm, WEM floor heating in dry construction is suitable for new and old buildings. The picture on the right shows the components of the floor heating system. The laying plate as well as the levelling plate (for the adjacent surfaces without pipe) are made of wood-fibre. They are manufactured in a special, particularly environmentally friendly wet process. First, the thermally conductive plates are laid on the wood-fibre boards with the grooves fitting in, which then receive the metal composite pipe. If a wooden floor is then laid, it is screwed to the wooden strips integrated in the system. If a tile floor or other floor covering is used on the dry construction underfloor heating, a dry screed (e.g. Fermacell) is required as a load distribution layer.

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Our partners and ourselves will be happy to advise you on all questions regarding the installation and mode of operation of WEM underfloor heating.


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We support you in the selection of the suitable system, in the calculation and in the provision of the data for the hydraulic balancing. We can offer a heating load calculation according to DIN EN 12831.


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Underfloor Heating installation examples

Installation example 1

In this renovation project, the WEM Underfloor Heating system was installed in combination with oak floorboards. It not only provides the occupants with pleasant, gentle warmth, but also ensures good sound insulation between the occupancy units of the building.

Further installation examples...

Installation example 2

In this refurbishment project, the underfloor heating was installed in the living area and supplies the house with radiant heat. The dry installation, which produces little soiling, and the modular design make it ideal for retrofitting.

Further installation examples...

Installation video

Watch the short >> video to see how easy the installation of the underfloor heating system is in dry construction.



Step 1
Lay out the wood-fibre boards and fit the thermally conductive plates.


Step 2
Insert the WEM Metal Composite Pipe into these heat dissipating plates.

Step 3
In the area of the pipe bends near the wall, backfill with filling material.


Step 4
Screw the wooden floorboards to the profiled wooden strips. You can also lay tiles.

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Technical details

You will find all data sheets with technical details and the installation instructions in this section.  

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Underfloor Heating in dry construction

The term dry construction states already the most important argument for our carefully developed system: it is dry. There is no additional moisture introduced into the building and there are no drying times. Moreover, the weight of the underfloor heating equipment is low with approx. 15 kg/m² because it is based on softwood fibreboards.

The underfloor heating system in dry construction perfectly combines with wooden flooring due to its integrated wooden strips. If dry screed (e. g. Fermacell boards) is laid over the installed underfloor heating system as a load distribution layer, tiles or other flooring can be installed (e. g. in the hallway, bathrooms, and kitchen).


A good impact sound insulation is beneficial for every house. No matter whether you use two or more storeys with your family or the house offers several occupancy units, sound insulation is important for relaxed living and working. The tenants in the flat above you are quite active? Sit back and relax, you will not notice much of this. Our system reduces noise by 13 decibels.

In addition, the WEM Underfloor Heating in dry construction provides a resilient flooring for a pleasant walking sensation. Do you take many steps in your home every day, e. g. when doing housework? The slightly resilient floor softens your tread and you will not have tired legs anymore.