Why should I decide for a radiant wall heating? A wall heating made of clay brings a wonderful feeling of well-being into your home. This infrared heating system, which is invisibly integrated into the wall, radiates gentle warmth. There are no radiators that interfere with the aesthetics of your living spaces. The pleasant heat radiation is comparable to the infrared rays of the sun. The human body perceives it as particularly comfortable and pleasant.

Compared to other heating systems, wall heating scores with some important advantages: It has a positive effect on the indoor climate and the humidity content, it optimises sound insulation and it is combined with the healthy building material clay. Dust allergy sufferers and asthmatics breathe a sigh of relief, as a wall heating reduces the movement of air-borne dust significantly compared to radiators.


A wall heating system fits into every building - no matter whether old buildings, new buildings, or renovation projects are concerned. Together with you, we will find the best solution for your project: The WEM wall heating is available either as a water-bearing system or as electric heating. The water-powered wall heating is suitable for all areas of application and can also be used for cooling. An electric heating system is suitable as stand-alone heating (e. g. in combination with photovoltaics) or also for spaces or buildings that are only temporarily occupied.

With both systems, the walls emit a gentle infrared heat that is distributed evenly in the room by permanent reflections and smoothly tempers walls and furnishings. Our satisfied family house builders say that the heating experience is very special. Why not try it out yourself in one of our >> reference hotels and holiday flats?


The WEM dry construction system made of clay for heating and cooling. Due to the quick and easy installation, this heating system is a good choice for craftsmen and talented do-it-yourselfers. The pipes through which hot or cold water flows, depending on the season, are integrated in stable clay panels that are part of a complete heating system which comprises all the necessary components and the technical heating equipment to provide the finished heating surface. In principle, the drywall panels are attached to flat substrates or substructures like any other finishing panel.

Take a new approach when choosing your heating system - clay is a building material that has been tried and tested for centuries, and it is precisely in connection with heating and cooling that its advantages come to the fore.

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>> Article "Ceiling heating and cooling panels made of earth for a healthy room climate" (PDF)


Best sound insulation - scientifically tested. We have had our WEM Clay Panels and Climate Panels made of clay tested by the Koblenz University of Applied Sciences and have received excellent results regarding sound insulation. The measurements were accomplished in a purpose-built measuring chamber. The panels have a particularly strong noise-reducing effect in solid wood and timber frame structures.

The positive effects of the wall heating construction such as pleasant radiant heat, even temperature distribution in the building, less dust turbulence and a good indoor climate are thus complemented by another important point for human well-being: the reduction of noise.




Our partners are here for you!

We work with a network of regional dealers and craftsmen who have many years of experience with our products and have been intensively trained in our company.

Comprehensive advice on your questions

Our partners and we will be happy to advise you on all matters relating to wall heating and beyond, for example when it comes to planning possible wall structures, selecting suitable insulation materials or designing the finished surfaces.


Of course, we will provide you with a calculation and a quotation for your building project and recommend a suitable partner company for advice or on-site installation if you need support.

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Service for trade and crafts


A good network

We work closely with a network of regional dealers and craftsmen. If you would like to be part of this, please contact us.


In addition to our technical documentation, we offer intensive training for our partner companies. Since several trades are always involved in the installation of a wall heating system, these training courses have an interdisciplinary character.

Advisory hotline

Of course, we are also happy to provide advice by telephone and can provide a service technician for instruction at the construction site if required.

Planning support

We also support you in the selection of the suitable system, in the calculation and in the provision of the data for the hydraulic balancing. We can offer a heating load calculation according to DIN EN 12831.


We also support you from a sales perspective with sales documents or exhibits for sampling in your shop or at trade fairs.

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Our local partners

We work with a network of regional dealers and craftsmen who have many years of experience with our products and have been intensively trained in our company. If you are looking for sources of supply or local installation companies, we will be happy to help you.

Benefit from our competence and experience

We are there for you with all questions about wall heating and beyond, for example when it comes to planning wall constructions or selecting suitable insulation materials.

Planning support

We also support you in the selection of the suitable system, in the calculation and preparation of the tender and can offer a heating load calculation according to DIN EN 12831.

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Wall heating examples


Would you like to feel the radiant heat of wall heating for yourself? Take a look at our reference list of hotels, holiday flats, restaurants and museums.

More information about experiencing surface heating live ...

Installation in new building

Whether you are planning a new building, an extension or a storey addition, take a look at various examples in which WEM wall heating has been installed.

Further installation examples...

Installation example old building

The WEM wall heating fits into every building if there is enough space available. In this section, you will find various installation situations, e.g. in old buildings and renovation projects.

Further installation examples...

Installating Wall heating

Drywall installation
The drywall system can be installed quickly and easily. It hardly increases the moisture content of the structure.
>> Photos and installation description


Wet installation
WEM Climate Grids are fixed to the wall and plastered. The best choice is WEM Clay Plaster.
>> Installation and plastering instructions


Technical Information

You will find all data sheets with technical details and the installation instructions in this section.
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Product brochures

Download the brochure on radiant wall heating in dry or wet construction.
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Craft & Trade in your vicinity

Where can I buy radiant wall heating components or ask for a quotation on the installation? 
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The energy-based refurbishment of an old or historical building - also in combination with interior insulation - deserves special attention. Particularly for refurbishment projects, conversion measures in older houses and also in the preservation of historical monuments, wall and ceiling heating systems as well as the use of clay building materials are state of the art.

In general, temperature conditioning of the surfaces by the wall heating does not only improve the well-being of the occupants but also protects the building fabric against moisture. Professional planning and precise consideration of the physical building factors can prevent faults during renovation.



We determine the costs or the price of a wall heating system for a building precisely. The requirements in heating surface vary depending on the insulation standard, climate data and occupancy of the spaces. For example, a new building in passive house standard requires considerably less heating surface than an old building without special thermal insulation measures. To make sure that you know what suits your house and what it will cost you, we provide you with individual, comprehensive advice and a panel heating calculation specifically for your building project on request. In this calculation, we take your specific structural conditions into account. For this purpose, please request our >> calculation questionnaire per e-mail.

As we provide all components from the heating pipes to the connection technology, including heating circuit manifolds, plasters, and paints for the surface from a single source, you will learn what the exact costs will be. And you can be sure that all parts will fit together and combine to a perfectly functioning system.

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And this is what our customers say:

"As an architect, I had high expectations when designing my own house. Right from the start, it went without saying that a wall heating system would be installed, because there is nothing better for a good indoor climate and pleasant warmth ..."
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“We decided in favour of WEM Climate Panels for our 'Hotel Post' project because of four plus points: + The material clay fascinated us as the designers just as much as our clients. The property of clay that it buffers both temperature and humidity ... "
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Electric wall heating made of clay

No matter whether for quick retrofitting of a wall heating system, as additional source of heating or for temporarily occupied rooms - the electric clay heating from WEM plays out its benefits in many areas of application. Without the need to install water pipes, it can be quickly and easily fitted on walls and ceilings wherever a power connection is available. Thanks to the easy installation, electric wall heating is ideally suited for holiday flats, guest rooms or for retrofitting a cool corner in your home. In their effect as emitters of pleasant radiant heat, the electric panels hardly differ from the water-powered ones but cannot be used for cooling.

If you are planning to install a photovoltaic system (check the current governmental subsidy programmes!), you can use it to operate the electric wall heating in a particularly efficient and climate-friendly manner. And we guarantee the perfect interplay of all the components we have carefully compiled.

If you would like to know exactly what your healthy heating system will cost, do not hesitate to >> ask for a calculation.


Why do people feel so comfortable with radiant heat from the wall? A panel heating system on the wall or ceiling transmits the heat to the human body as radiant heat. This means that the heat is distributed very evenly in the room by permanent reflections of the infrared radiation and hits the body directly. This is perceived as very pleasant and beneficial, similar to the rays of the winter sun in the middle of the snow.

The comfort level is therefore significantly higher than when heating with radiators, which heat and circulate the air in the room. This creates an air roll whose air movement is usually perceived as unpleasant and which is responsible for high concentrations of air-borne dust. Whereas the wall surface heating - which can also be used on the ceiling - ensures clean air with much less dust moving around and is therefore ideally suited for allergy sufferers and asthmatics!

Aesthetic plus point of panel heating - no unsightly radiator is interfering with the ambience!


The wall heating combines high technology with ecology and a feel-good climate! Since surface heating systems such as wall heating, ceiling heating, and underfloor heating operate with low supply flow temperatures of the heating medium, they require less energy than other heating systems. Likewise, they can be operated well with renewable energy sources such as solar thermoelectric systems and photovoltaics or with heat pumps and low-temperature/condensing technology.

Since radiant heating gently heats walls, floors, and ceilings, you feel warm and comfortable even at lower indoor air temperatures than with conventional air heating. The reason is that the potentially cold exterior walls of a house are covered with the wall heating panels and are therefore perceived as pleasantly warm. As a result, this operating principle provides for significant savings in energy.

Moreover, the clay material in combination with the wall heating system requires little energy in production and further processing. All these benefits of WEM Wall Heating pave the way for modern and ecological living and contribute actively to climate protection.