Ceiling heating with the climate ceiling made of clay

Enjoy maximum cosiness and healthy comfort in your home: Pleasant warmth and gentle cooling with the clay climate ceiling.  A ceiling heating made of clay heats your house, flat or office with gentle and cosy radiant heat. This infrared heating is invisibly integrated into the ceiling, does not require any radiators at all and thus contributes to a beautiful aesthetic in your living spaces. The pleasant heat radiation - comparable to the infrared rays of the sun - is perceived by the human body as particularly beneficial. Even large, high rooms can be heated effectively and evenly with the ceiling.


Infrared ceiling heating - electric or with hot water?

Infrared ceiling heating - electric or water-bearing?  The WEM ceiling heating is available as an electric heating (Climate Panel EL) and as a water-bearing variant (Climate Panel MV-D). It can be used in old buildings, new buildings or renovations.  Let us advise you and we will find the optimal solution for your project. The water-operated ceiling heating system is suitable for all areas of application, the electric heating system can be used as a sole heating system (e.g. in combination with photovoltaics) or for rooms or houses that are only used temporarily.

With both systems, the ceilings emit a discreet heat that is distributed evenly in the room by permanent reflections and gently tempers walls and objects. With ceiling heating, the proportion of radiation amounts to approx. 90 % and is thus higher than with other surface heating systems on walls and floors.

Ceiling Heating in dry construction

The WEM dry construction system made of clay for the ceiling - heating and cooling with one system.  Compared to other radiant ceiling panels, the WEM drywall ceiling heating system stands out due to a number of factors: It ensures a good indoor climate and optimal humidity in the room, and it is a climate-friendly system. The heavy building material clay provides for sound and noise reduction. A heating system on the ceiling goes without rules where to place your furniture (compared to wall heating where you should not place a big cupboard in front of the wall). The climate panels are quickly and easily installed in dry construction - in principle like any other finishing panel - on flat substrates or substructures. The work is not only feasible for professionals, but also for talented do-it-yourselfers. With the help of the system components, a flat ceiling surface is created, which is then covered with a thin finishing plaster. Clay is a safe material for heating and cooling because it has a high moisture-balancing effect.

>> Article "Ceiling heating and cooling panels made of earth for a healthy room climate" (PDF)

Sound insulation with ceiling heating

Best sound insulation - scientifically tested. The two different clay panels - with and without heating pipes - from which the ceiling heating construction is made, were tested by the Koblenz University of Applied Sciences for their sound insulation properties. Scientific measurements were carried out in a measuring chamber, which yielded very good results for sound insulation. The clay as a heavy material is mainly responsible for the sound reduction.

Our service offer for ceiling heating

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We work with a network of regional dealers and craftsmen who have many years of experience with our products and have received intensive training in our company.

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Our partners and ourselves will be happy to advise you on all matters relating to ceiling heating and beyond, for example when it comes to planning sensible wall structures, selecting suitable insulation materials or designing the finished surfaces.


Of course, we will provide you with a calculation and a quotation for your building project and recommend a suitable partner company for advice or installation on site if you need support.

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We work closely with a network of regional dealers and craftsmen. New partners wanted! If you would like to become part of our network, please contact us.


In addition to our technical documentation, we offer intensive training for our partner companies. Since several trades are always involved in the installation of a ceiling heating system, these training courses have an interdisciplinary character.

Advisory hotline

Of course, we are also happy to provide advice by telephone and can provide a service technician for instruction at your construction site if required.

Planning support

We also support you in the selection of the suitable system, in the calculation also of the data for the hydraulic balancing and can offer a heating load calculation according to DIN EN 12831


We also support you from a sales perspective with sales documents or exhibits for sampling in your shop or at trade fairs.

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We work with a network of regional dealers and craftsmen who have many years of experience in the industry and have been intensively trained in our company. If you are looking for sources of supply or local installation companies, we will be happy to help you.

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We are there for you with all questions about ceiling heating and beyond, for example when it comes to planning sensible wall constructions or selecting suitable insulation materials.

Planning support

We also support you in the selection of the suitable system, in the calculation and preparation of the tender and can offer a heating load calculation according to DIN EN 12831.

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Installation examples for ceiling heating


The large and high hall in the Dr. Kauer winery is optimally heated with the ceiling heating. Both wine lovers and interested customers who would like to experience for themselves how the ceiling heating works are cordially invited to contact the winegrowing family.

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Installation in new building

In this new building, WEM climate panels were placed specifically in zones near the windows on ceilings and walls. The remaining areas were levelled with clay panels without water-bearing pipes. The solid clay panels ensure optimal humidity in the rooms.

Further installation examples

Installation example old building

Retrofitting with clay ceiling heating in a house or flat is possible even when the building is occupied. Here, the building owners have achieved a whole new sense of space with the WEM system. Aesthetic plus point: The ambience remains undisturbed by disturbing radiators.

Further installation examples

Ceiling heating installation

Step 1
The climate panels are lifted to the ceiling with the help of a panel lifter and fixed with screws.


Step 2
The panels are connected to each other and form a heating circuit which is then connected to the manifold.


Step 3
Fitting the clay panels with previously sawn recesses for the pipes...


Step 4
The finished ceiling surface is completely covered with WEM clay plaster.

All information on the assembly...


Technical information

In this section you will find all data sheets with technical details and the installation instructions.

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Download the brochure on the WEM climate panel for ceiling and wall.

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Ceiling heating with heat pump

Ceiling heating, like other surface heating systems, can be operated with heat pumps, solar and condensing boiler technology. The flow temperature for ceiling heating should not be higher than approx. 35 degrees so that the heat is perceived as pleasant. To ensure that everything fits exactly, we at WEM will prepare a calculation for your building project, taking into account the individual circumstances. This is important because the need for heating surfaces varies depending on the insulation standard, climate data and use of the rooms. Of course, you will also receive comprehensive advice over the phone.


Costs of a ceiling heating system

The costs and the price of ceiling heating for a building are precisely determined by us - many factors such as insulation, wall construction or the occupancy of the rooms play a role here. For example, you need much less surface to heat a new building in passive house standard than an old building without special thermal insulation measures. We prepare a precise calculation in each case, taking into account the heating requirements of your house. So you will know what is good for your house and what it will cost you exactly. Since our systems include all components from the heating pipes to the connection technology,  the heating circuit manifolds, the plaster and paints for the surface, you will find out what the costs will be. Furthermore, you can be sure that all parts fit together and the system works perfectly.

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And this is what our customers say:

...We are very satisfied with the pleasant warmth in the room that is created by the ceiling heating. The walls remain free for pictures etc., as we sometimes arrange exhibitions here..."
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"I just wanted to give you some very, very positive feedback about your wall and ceiling heating. The system has been in operation for 2 years now, I installed it completely myself. I am pleased every time I come into the flat and experience the extremely pleasant climate of the ceiling heating. At the time, some acquaintances had doubts as to whether it would work..." 
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